October 29, 2012

Got back from a week in New Orleans and couldn't wait to get back to it.....(is that weird?)

Got the AC and Heater firewall bung set up with a bevy of connectors which will allow me to hook up the heater hoses and get the engine running when the time comes. The AC hookups and charging can be done last.

The shaved door handle kit came with an over-ride switch that can be used in case the door fob(remote) is lost or locked in the car. It gets wired into the door lock actuator power wire and installed somewhere that can be accessed when the need arises.

The spaghetti slowly getting sorted....by weeks end it'll all be routed and tucked up nicely!

...and the windows are working after I figured out how to wire up the 6 wire GM-style switch. Power goes direct to the switch, then 2 wires go to each power window motor. The trick was figuring out which way was up and which down. The switch will go in the center console and will definitely add to the "Cool" factor.

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